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Q: Hi apu. I have been married since 4 months. But for the last 1 week i am facing vaginal itching around vaginal wall and inside. And for that while having sex i face this burning sensation inside. I am applying baby oil t
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Q: Dear Doctor, My wife is 22 years old and just married for 18 months. We dont have baby yet. My wife dont have any other physical illness like diabetics or anything. She is 5'-6" and weight- 56 KG. Suddenly for last 3 m
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Q: apu Amy 18 . Amy r amar gf sex kori kono nirodhok chara. tarpor takay encom pill khaoy. kintu period ar shomoi tar 50% kom hoi. shay ki pregnent
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Q: ami mota hote cahi.... age 26 Hieght 5 7" Wieght 110 pound
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Diabetes Mellitus

Last updated: 6th June 2015
Diabetes, the word that everyone with a sweet-tooth dreads. Well it doesn’t have to be so scary and if you control your food intake and exercise regularly. After all how much sugar can a “roshogolla” possibly have? But those who were born with defects in insulin hormone, have to take injectable insulin for life. We have all the information ...

Common Skin Problems

Last updated: 6th June 2015
The facts behind five common skin problems and the treatments available. WartsMost people develop a wart at some stage in their life, usually by the age of 20. What are they?Warts are flesh-coloured lumps, which can be 1mm to more than 1cm across. Warts can appear anywhere, but usually affect the hands and feet. A wart on the foot is called a verruca. Genit...

Sexual health FAQs

Last updated: 2nd June 2015
Here are answers to some common questions get at Maya Apa ki bole. Watery dischargeQ: I've got a watery discharge, which smells really unpleasant and fishy. I'm scared of going to my doctor because he knows my mum. What could it be? Might it go away on its own?A: Although watery discharge can be normal, if associated with other symptoms such as unpleasant s...


Last updated: 1st June 2015
Twice every year Muslims celebrate Eid (Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Azha). Even though it is celebrated two times a year, nothing beats the joy and celebration of Eid-Ul-Fitr, the Eid which comes after 30 days of fasting! After a month of fasting, we finally return to our regular routine of eating. Not only do we eat delicious home-cooked meals on Eid, but it is ...

Share Some Smile with Your Mother on Mother's Day

Last updated: 1st June 2015
Ma, a single word means a lot. Mothers are the sweetest gift to us from God. She's that person of our home, who ties us all together with an invisible string of bond. She's the one, who sacrifices every day to raise us. Many say, that there's no one day to love your mother. Yes, it's true there is not any fixed day to love your mother. But in our busy lives,...

Diet Rules for Migraine

Last updated: 8th June 2015
People with migraine sometimes feel like their heads are ticking bombs . A wrong move can lead to a debilitating headache which might make all activity next to impossible. Staying up late, stress, too much coffee or even too little, can all be triggers for migraine. To be honest, I’ve had migraine attacks due to far less. The problem with migraine is...

How to Gain Weight

Last updated: 6th June 2015
While the rest of the world, including the author of this piece, are trying their best to lose their excess kilos, there is a significant number of people, male and female who desperately need to gain weight. A large number of Bangladeshis, and this figure comprises of mostly girls, are underweight. And this is a problem, not because of the appearance, but b...

Fight Sugar Cravings

Last updated: 6th June 2015
People keep complaining they cannot resist to something sweet after lunch or dinner. For some, the addiction is so severe that they cannot sleep, or wake up in the middle of the night for that ‘Sondesh’ in the refrigerator. There are few who are blessed and do not like desserts but for others, it is a curse! It is not really your fault. The prob...

Hormones and Headaches

Last updated: 6th June 2015
Research has shown that at least 5 million women suffer from headache each month. The cause of this headache was found to be hormones. More than half of the women with migraines have found a link between the headaches and their periods. The changes in the hormone levels during the first three days of period, or two days leading up to a period trigger the he...


Last updated: 6th June 2015
Most headaches aren’t life threatening, and are usually relieved by medicines, relaxation techniques and lifestyle changes. Self care tips: Find out what triggers the headache and you’ll see how easily they can be prevented. For example, dehydration can cause headache and the solution is simple- drink plenty of water! By the time you finish rea...

Safety for Toddlers and Older Children

Last updated: 13th June 2015
At this stage of their development, children can climb and do simple things like opening containers. They’ll also put things in their mouth to explore taste and texture. This is all perfectly normal, but it can lead to injuries if you don’t take care. Out and about There will come a time when you'll need to start using a forward-facing child ...

What to Do if Your Child has an Accident

Last updated: 13th June 2015
Most young children have some injuries and accidents. Most will be minor, but it’s sensible to know what to do if the accident or injury is more serious. Start by learning some basic first aid or revise what you already know. If an accident happens It can be difficult to know when to call an ambulance and when to take your child to the Accident and Em...

More About Caring for Your Child's Teeth

Last updated: 13th June 2015
As soon as your baby’s teeth start to come through, you can start brushing them. Use a baby toothbrush with a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste. Check with your dentist whether the brand you’re using has enough fluoride for your baby’s needs. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to brush much at first. The important thing is to get ...

9 medical reasons for putting on weight

Last updated: 9th June 2015
Now-a-days obesity is a very big problem in Bangladesh as well as in the whole world . People gain weight when they eat and drink more calories than they burn through everyday movement and body functions.but in some cases weight gain depends on some underlying health conditions. Even though a person who is not eating much may put on weight very fast due to m...

Hair Problems this Monsoon

Last updated: 9th June 2015
Problems with hair during the monsoon, range from limpness, frizziness, dandruff to hair fall. The weather can turn curly hair to a frizzy mess, straight hair gets limp and dull. The humidity causes fungal infections which invariably lead to dandruff. And a combination of all these factors can lead to terrible hair loss. So how can you take care of your ...

Beat the Heat!

Last updated: 9th June 2015
Burning Up! How awful is the heat wave?  As much as we wait for the summer to bring us the Bengali new year and delicious summer fruits, this summer has started on the wrong foot with averaging to nearly 40 degrees in celcius!  It is particularly difficult in the urban areas where lack of planning has led to filling up of natural waterways, buildi...

How to keep your baby safe in summer

Last updated: 9th June 2015
Keep your baby cool and protect them from the sun. Babies and young children can become ill during very hot weatherFor example, their health can be seriously affected by: dehydration heat exhaustion heatstroke and sunburn Try these tips for keeping your child happy and healthy in the heat. Sun safety Keep your baby out of the sun as much as poss...

Quit Smoking During Ramadan

Last updated: 24th June 2015
The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to start some healthy new habits, and get rid of some bad ones, such as smoking. Ahmed Rahman shares his experience. "Sometimes I managed to stop for a whole month but every time I saw someone with a cigarette in their hand it made me want one," he says. "Eventually the temptation would get too much and I'd l...

Lose weight this Ramadan

Last updated: 23rd June 2015
The diet that we follow during Ramadan is very unhealthy. After a day of fasting, we end it with fried food, sugary drinks and desserts. Not to forget, the meal before dawn, Sehri, which is often a 4 to 5 course meal. The result of this diet is a rise in your blood lipid levels and your weight. Most people end up gaining weight, whereas, this holy month is s...

Super-Dads Raising Super-Girls

Last updated: 21st June 2015
Fathers and daughters share special bonds. Fathers have an huge influence over how daughters perceive themselves and take on the world.  Dads create a path for their daughters to shine, and therefore many stand up at the peak, all proud, for being successful for their fathers.  For Father’s Day, here are some testimonies from strong young wom...

Treating a High Temperature in Children

Last updated: 15th June 2015
A fever is a temperature of over 37.5°C. Fevers are quite common in young children and are usually mild. If your child’s face feels hot to the touch and they look red or flushed then they may have a fever. You can check their temperature with a thermometer. Measured under the arm, normal temperature is about 36.4°C (97.4°F). Under the tong...

Visiting Your Gynaecologist: Tips on What to Ask

Last updated: 15th June 2015
Women and young girls in Bangladesh have a tough time going to the gynaecologist and more so, openly explaining their problems to the doctor. Social stigmas, taboos and general sense of shame and shyness are all factors for patient to doctor limited conversation and therefore chances of great miscommunications.  At Maya Apa Ki Bole, we analysed our ques...

Children and New Siblings

Last updated: 14th June 2015
Coping with two children is very different to coping with one. It can be difficult at first, especially if your first child is young. It's more than double the work, and dividing your time and attention can be a strain. But you have experience of looking after a baby, and probably more confidence, which will help. It takes time to adjust to being a bigger f...


Last updated: 13th June 2015
Dehydration is a common problem in summer. The heat is getting worse day by day and with the crazy traffic, Dhaka city has become unbearable. Unfortunately, offices and schools do not follow weather reports and you have to get out of your comfort zone, maintained at 18 degrees. The school-going children are affected more than the adults, simply because chil...