Thank you for sharing with us. It can be really stressful if family creates pressure. In our most difficult moments we expect our family to understand us and to be with us. Could you please share what are the difficulties you are having ? What sort of pressure is created by your family and what are the reasons behind them ?You can search for job that are related to your skill. You can also talk to potential employers. If you think there are skills that can help you develop your career which they can help you with. Please talk to your family,friends and relatives about the issues and take their help as needed. 

আপনার কোনো প্রশ্ন আছে?

মায়া অ্যাপ থেকে পরিচয় গোপন রেখে নিঃসংকোচে শারীরিক, মানসিক এবং জীবনধারা বিষয়ক যেকোনো প্রশ্ন করুন, বিশেষজ্ঞের পরামর্শ নিন।

মায়া অ্যাপ ডাউনলোড করুন

প্রশ্ন করুন আপনিও