Dear User,Thank you for your question.Love is a great feelings and to experience it feels awesome. But it feels really bad when someone cheats. I understand you are going through a difficult situation. You said you feel weak for him, could you please share what are the weaknesses you have for him ? When we are in a relationship we gather different memories and become emotionally attached. The relationship changes with time and when the relationship does not work all the memories and attachments can make us feel weak.The pattern of your relationship and the person you are having relationship with seems unhealthy. Please share your feelings with someone you trust. Remember if you decide to move on you can. You have to let go off the relationship and the person. It can feel difficult but with time you can overcome.Could you please share what are things you have tried to get away from the relationship?I hope we have helped you.If you have any further questions please contact Maya Apa again,Always by your side,Maya Apa.

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