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thank you so much ! but I am so much confused cz shobai amak bole j erokm ghumaba kom ghum hobe emn tired lage but Ami beshi e ghumai I feel that I need medicine for less sleep !!! 15/16 hr ekta manush kivhabe ghumay -_- r ghumanur porew I feel tired !!! more over power nap nile aroh matha dhorre ! akhn one porashunar drkr etoh ghumaile onk pera how can I reduce my sleep ! and about exercise I do skipping and I do few exercises!!! neuroline 25 alrdy 2 month keyechi ! na khele hat pa fule jay ! in addition*I have fibromyalgia* plz help me what to do ! I really wanna reduce my sleeping tym !

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Dear User,Thank you for your question.Dear user, How old are you ? This is very important to know as you have mentioned that you have fibromyalgia. So please next time when you ask a question , let us know your age. Now let's come to the main stream here, as you have stated you have fibromyalgia , so I am assuming that you are seeing a good rheumatologist or at least a medicine specialist for this and you are on a regular medication to keep your pain in control. Neuroline - if it was choose by you or a doctor - it is just a supplement of vitamin complexes , it will help (will not cure) but you may still need some higher fixed dose medicine for your pain management , physiotherapy would also be a great choice and will boost up your regular lifestyle. Oversleeping is a problem here for you right but the thing is there are some consequences or you can say even medically the actual symptoms of fibromyalgia are fatigue- weakness, lethargy , drowsiness, oversleeping from tiredness, cognitive or attention deficit, depression ,in few bowel problems may also occur. So when you will have a full control over your fibromyalgia , these all will subside. You should definitely see a good rheumatologist or a medicine specialist ( specialized in pain management) for your case and discuss all these that your are facing to have prescribe medicine for your mood elevation, attention and focus as well as to reduce your lethargy by taking physiotherapy.  Please read the details of fibromyalgia from the provided link for better knowledge and if you have any further question do not hesitate to ask, we will be really glad to help you out in anyways we can . I hope we have helped you.If you have any further questions please contact Maya Apa again,Always by your side,Maya Apa.

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