Dear,Eid Mubarak. Thanks for sharing your emotions. From your saying, I understood that you are feeling depressed because of some issues like not getting job, have no friends and some events of your early childhood. If we come to the your childhood experiences one negative events is happened with you. At that times you are not matured enough. So, it is happened without your consciousness. So, their is no wrong or fault with you.The persons who did this they are really bad people. A bad things may happened  with us that means not that I am not good. I have some others qualities. So, please try focus on that and think that It was an accident in your life. Try to let it go. If you want to say some things to that person please write in a paper what you want to say them and then cut the paper and think that this chapter is closed for ever. Hope this will help you to adjust the present moment. If the problem is not resolved then you have to contact with a psychologist to resolve your past events. Now come to the later parts actually jobs is hard because their is limited number of jobs but the candidate is higher. So, it is natural not getting the jobs by giving exam one time/two times. Try to study hard and give the exam again and again. You can also start part time jobs or business it will helps you to over come your depression. Because involvement in somethings helps us to overcome our depression. If you are not able to handle the situation then please take counseling from a psychologist. It will be helpful for you.  

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