Dear Customer, thank you for your question. Can you please give us some answers? How old are you? Do you have any Sexually transmitted infections? Do you have any medical illness like Diabetes, Blood pressure problems or anything? Are you worried about problem with erection? Erectile dysfunction is a condition if you have any of the following problems:1. Not interested in having sex or loss of libido.2. Can't get an erection during sex.3. Erection is gained but not strong enough to have sex.There are various medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure etc behind erectile dysfunction. However, there are some psychological conditions like anxiety, depression etc can cause erectile dysfunction.Along with changing into healthy lifestyle psychological counselling and medical treatments can help this situation. You can take professional help from a psychologist and Venereal disease specialist.Hope we could help you. If you have any more question, feel free to ask us. We are always there, Maya.

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