Dear User, thank you for your question. Many people, especially women experience breakouts beyond teenage/adolescent period because your body is still growing and adjusting into your adult stage. While pimples can be managed topically by applying medicine such as Differin (adapalene) once a day, breakouts are also related to diet and overall care for your skin and body. Avoid eating greasy food and dairy based products.  Also avoid chocolates. Drink a lot of water (8 glasses are minimum requirement for everyone) and in this hot season, try and have a glass of daaber pani.  Dab a little bit of daaber pani on a cotton swab and apply it on your face in the morning or right before taking a shower. Its a natural cleanser and helps with acne related scarring.  If possible, make little pill like balls out of neem paata and fresh kaacha holud and kalo jira and have it medicinally in the morning. Acne is a also caused by irregular bowel movements and other digestive problems. Neem-kacha holud-kalo jira are all good for your stomach and clears up your digestive track.  But don't over do it. As recommended, make little balls and have one every day as a pill.  A regular exercise regime is also good for your skin because it opens up your pores and gets your blood circulation going.  But sweating can also clog up your pores so important to shower right after a good work out.  Are you getting enough sleep? That is also a major reason for acne breakout.  While medicine can help with the situation for short term breakouts, for a long term solution, try and change your lifestyle.   Let us know if this was helpful. Thanks. Maya Team

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