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Recently women participation at workplace has increased at a significant rate. Among 49.5 million workers in Bangladesh , 38% are women (BBS 2006). With this increasing number , maternity leave is a important factor. Labour law of Bangladesh is 100 years old which constituted in 1881. Later on different laws on compensation for women, child rights, wage discrimination removal and labour union were formed. According to new labour law established on 2006, maternity leave is confirmed in its 5th chapter. Before after delivery of a child  a woman will have maternity leave with full payment (BLA 2006). Here we will discuss about this leave in details-

Total 16 weeks leave can be taken – 8 weeks before delivery and 8 weeks after delivery(BLA 2006)

Those who are working  minimum 6 months in a company and still working there , will get this leave. These working women must be permanent or temporary employee of the organisation.(BLA,2006)

According to Clause 47of 5th chapter of Bangladesh Labour Law , salary must be given during maternity leave by the company or employer. If a woman want , she can take her 16 weeks salary at a time after delivery, before that  she need to  submit all the required  medical documents. Or she can take it separately , like salary of 8 weeks before delivery and 8 weeks after delivery. In every situation a woman must  be paid within 3 days after submitting proper medical documents.

In some specific situation maternity leave law can not be applied-

  • When working duration in a company is less than 6 months
  • When a woman have 2 or more than 2 children , she can not take maternity leave. She can take sick leave or other leave according to her company rules.(BLA 2006)

Maternity leave is  a right of every working women. Every company is bound to give this leave , and there should not be any discrimination. When a woman can enjoy maternity leave and able to take care of her child, then only a women friendly organization can be created. Such environment which helps productivity of women is good for the organization (Miech, 2003).



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