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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Depression

Written by Maya Expert Team

How many times in a day you end up saying “I can’t do it”,“I am good for nothing!”? You are giving your 100% but still things are not working out! Gave a bad job interview? Worked all night on a presentation and ended up getting the worst remarks? Well, do not be surprised but this happens to more people than you could have imagined. Some stay stable and work things out but others become hopeless and fall into depression. Depression can lead to disappointments, sleeping and eating disorders and ultimately leave adverse effect on your health! Not only does depression lessen your ability to enjoy life but also can make you suicidal. Here are few things you can do get out of depression.

Get out

Do yourself a favor and get out of that dark room! You never know what is waiting for you out there. Eat Street food. Go shopping or window shopping. Try on different make-ups and perfumes! Get yourself new clothes, bags or shoes maybe? Perhaps start a journal for the things you are grateful for in life. This automatically elevates you to a better spirit when you see so many around you may not be as lucky as you are! If you haven’t taken care of yourself for a while perhaps try hot oil massage on your scalp or a manicure/ pedicure. When you look good you feel good. Feeling unhappy about your looks may also make you fall into depression and if thats the case then it is only you who can fix it. Perhaps try 10000 steps a day challenge i.e. make yourself determined that you will walk 10000 steps a day. Avoid rickshaw or car ride when you can walk. Or consider couch to 5K i.e. instead of sitting in your sofa go for a run. It takes that one split second to make that decision and once you take the first step you will feel a whole lot better!!


Stop ruminating and let it out! Keeping things locked up in your mind can make you feel heavy. Share it with someone, maybe your best friend or with the person you are closest to.Trust me it will make you feel lighter, like a heavy weight has been taken off your shoulders. There is nothing to deny about depression. Often people try to hide their depression and start pretending that everything is alright. That can lead to even serious problems – acknowledge it, perhaps do a bit more research on it, or talk to a doctor to help you give directions.

Inspirational books and movies

Go to a DVD shop and grab your favorite movies or movies that you have not watched before but would like to see. I would suggest to do a little research on the internet before getting them. Try buying inspirational movies. Watching a good movie often boosts up the mind and mood. You can also go to a theatre (Bashundhara City in Dhaka), get a glass of soft drink and watch a movie on the big screen. That will surely make you feel better. You can also try reading adventurous or inspirational books. When it comes to me reading “Himu” by Humayun Ahmed always cheers me up.

Exercise and Smile

A healthy body can keep you energetic and happy. Doing yoga or jogging regularly can make you feel young and fresh. You can also start learning salsa! That will be a fun way to exercise. If you don’t feel like doing none of the mentioned you can always play your favorite Bollywood tracks at home and dance for at least half an hour a day. Along with exercising, try keeping that beautiful smile on your face. Not only does it make you look good but also boosts your immune system. You may be wondering, ‘Smiling boosts up the immune system?’ Well, believe it or not smiling does that to your health! Remember it’s easier to smile than to frown.


Nothing works better than spending time with friends.You get to know yourself better when you have them around. They are like colorful balloons that always makes you happy no matter what! Call up your friends and talk to them. Ask them to come over to your place or you can visit them. Try and spend as much time as possible with your friends. Go on adventurous trips, go and watch movies, plan stay overs, do all the crazy things you ever imagined. How about a trip to Nilgiri? Trust me, you will not regret!


It is good to be blessed but best to be a blessing. Helping others is always a great way to feel good. You no longer remain a recipient rather you become a contributor to the society. Not only will it help to rebuild your confidence but also will help you to appreciate what you have that others don’t.

Discover your new talent

Discover yourself! You can always try learning new things. You can learn to play guitar or take photography courses. Painting or cooking classes are also great ideas. Keep yourself busy and leave no space or time for depression. Remember don’t let anyone say that you can’t do it, not even you !

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