Stop Smoking, Start Shopping

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Cigarettes are smelly, unhealthy and pricey. If you gave up today, look what you could buy instead. These figures are based on giving up 12 cigarettes a day each costing tk 8.

After One Week

Money saved Tk 672

Health Benefits- After one week, levels of carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas that binds to red blood cells so that they carry less oxygen) return to normal and your lungs start to clear. Toxins start leaving your body, and you have more energy.

What you can buy – You are saving Tk 96 per day- enough for a daily treat such as a DVD or a phone card to gossip about the new girl in college. If you decide to save then you will have Tk 672 at the end of the week for a new haircut or that cool T-shirt you always wanted to buy. For a change you might want to spend your weekend watching a movie at star cineplex with pop-corn and chilled pepsi. Or if you are a dessert-lover go to Crepe-au-Lait.


After One Month

Money saved Tk 2688

Health Benefits- Your senses of taste and smell return as the withdrawal symptoms come to an end. If you work out on a regular basis, you will find it is much easier to burn those calories. Smoking causes your blood vessels to constrict and hence hampers proper blood flow, so your muscles do not get enough blood supply when you exercise.

What you can buy- A pair of trendy jeans or tops from shops like Moda, Cat’s Eye, Ecstasy or Westecs. You can also spend the money on a dinner at Smoke, Floor 6 or Bella Italia with your special one. However, saving is always a good option.

After Three Months

Money Saved Tk 8064

Health Benefits- Your skin looks great and because your circulation is better, running around your university is easier and you will find yourself more active than earlier.

What you can buy- Shocked to be in this stage? This can be a time for a new cell phone or maybe your favorite perfume! You can do so much with it!! You can go for shopping to get everything needed to pamper yourself starting from brand new shoes for your beautiful feet to the colorful bags in trend nowadays, don’t forget to spend sometime in the beauty parlor to relax yourself .

After Six Months

Money Saved Tk 16128

Health Benefits- A breath of fresh air: your lungs are working up to 10% more efficiently.

What you can buy- A whole new wardrobe. No more excuses for wearing last year’s outfit! And you’ve saved enough for about 200 CDs and DVDs. A trip to Cox’s Bazar or Sundarbans is not a bad idea! How about a new digital camera?

After One Year

Money Saved Tk 32256

Health Benefits –Congratulations. You’re fitter, a lot richer, and your risk of a heart attack has halved.

What you can buy- You can get a notebook for yourself now!!!! Work becomes easier and life becomes a lot better than it was!

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