Week 10

Week 10

Your baby
At week 10 your baby has almost doubled in size and is now the size of a date(খেজুর). The bones and cartilage have started to form and, although you can’t feel it, your baby is already kicking and stretching.

The vital organs are well-formed and functioning. The digestive tract is capable of moving food through her bowels and the baby is ready to pass her first bowel. The genitals are well-developed but with the arms and legs folded, an ultrasound may not be able to determine the sex.

You’re nearing the end of the first three months of pregnancy – your – and your uterus is about the size of a orange, almost big enough to fill your pelvis (see our illustrations). You may even be able to feel your uterus above the middle of your pubic bone. Though you probably won’t need to go up a dress size for several more weeks yet, you may notice that your waist is thickening.

If you want to cut down on you could swap to herbal teas. Make sure that the herbal teas you choose are safe to drink in pregnancy. You may find lemon and honey steeped in hot water appealing as an alternative. Try to drink eight glasses of liquid every day (tea, coffee and cola do not count) but limit your fluid intake before bedtime so you won’t have to get up to go to the loo at night. Make yourself some . Try to eat things which will help you to uplift your mood. Find out more about . With your baby’s bones and teeth developing you must have enough in your diet.

If your for other reasons then you may be tempted to take a remedy but medication shouldn’t be your first course of action during pregnancy. , and avoid exercising just before you go to bed. Strange dreams are common during pregnancy and could also contribute to disrupted nights.

Pregnancy tips
“My version of morning sickness developed every evening around dinner time. I couldn’t eat anything, but I was starving (and irritable) all the same. Things improved after I changed my routine, eating my big meal in the morning and something light – usually biscuits and cheese – for supper.” – Esha. Share your tips below or you can discuss with others going through similar situations on .

If you’ve had a previous miscarriage or a stillbirth, it can be very hard to enjoy being pregnant again. Share your fears and concerns with others who understand what you are going through in our .

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Things to think about
Is it safe to use a seat belt during pregnancy, and what about cars with airbags? Read . 

Pregnant after a previous ? Will you opt for another section? 

Remind yourself why it’s great to be expecting even if you’re still feeling sick, tired or headachy. How to deal with the ?