Basics of Child’s Sleep

According to a recent US Pediatrics study, 15 million American elementary school-aged children suffer from health and behavioral problems caused by inadequate sleep. Do you know the signs of your child’s sleep deprivation? Do you know how much sleep your child needs?

Is your child cranky, irritable or overtired most days?

Does your child sleep much earlier than usual bedtime some nights?

Do you have to wake up your child almost every morning?

Does your child fall asleep almost every time when in a car, rickshaw, or bus?

If any of your answer to above questions is “yes”, your child may be sleep deprived.Amount and quality of sleep is directly correlated health, growth and last but not least daytime mood. As parents, it is important for you to install good sleep patterns for your child.

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Start by following these tips to encourage a healthy sleep pattern for your child.

Aim for a consistent bedtime and awakening time.

Limit TV time and encourage daily physical activity.

Teach your child how to relax by following a soothing pre-bedtime and a bedtime routine.

Create cozy sleep environment

Encourage daily naps depending on the age of your child.

Though each child is different below is a guideline of how much sleep an average child needs at various ages.

Sleep plays a major role in a baby’s health and development. Babies with good sleep habits grow up to be children with good sleep patterns. As a parent, start healthy bedtime habits early in a child’s life.

By Lail Hossain

As published in the Daily Star on 02/07/2013

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