Week 3

Week 3

Your baby
Now your baby is as big as a poppy seed (পোস্তো). It is working overtime to build machinery to support itself and connect to you. Around the baby, the amniotic sac and fluid are forming into protective cushioning and your microscopic embryo has three complex “germ” layers: the ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. From the ectoderm will form the outer skin and nervous system, mesoderm forms the supportive skeleton, muscles and heart, the endoderm forms the lungs and so on. The outer cells of your baby is reaching out like roots to make a connection with the maternal blood supply.

Your baby looks like an upside-down tiny pear(or let’s call it a নাশপাতি) now. The round part will become the head and the pointy part will be the spine soon. The best part of this week is that this tiny little poppy seed, which has although not yet developed all its organ systems properly, has a tiny beating heart. It will take another two weeks for the heart to be completely formed.

If you still don’t know that you are pregnant, this week may make you feel a bit concerned. You may feel irritated and teary easily. The of last week have exaggerated and you may feel more fatigued, your breasts are more swollen and your are frequently peeing. Your sugar levels are changing and you may feel too. Your pregnancy hormones are messing with your body and you may lose some of the symptoms, or trade them in for new ones. There’s nothing to worry about because these are all normal.

Things to think about
Some diet changes are needed at this point and you need to be aware on . If you haven’t started prenatal vitamins yet, may be now you should, especially if you are a vegetarian mother. is an essential vitamin, the lack of which causes spina bifida (a fault in the development of the spine and spinal cord which leaves a gap in the spine). and are also essential. To build your baby’s bones, calcium is taken from your body so you need enough supplemental calcium. Are you taking enough ? The protein is necessary for forming the tissues in your baby. You are prone to developing nutrient deficiencies at this point, so make sure you eat healthy and take supplements that the doctor has recommended.

Maya Tips
As soon as you think you are pregnant, make an appointment to see a doctor. The earlier you do this the better. Find out what you will be provided with at this first visit.

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